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24 Percent of New England's Power May Come From Wind


In the region of New England, the land and ocean winds may be an alternative source of electricity in the next ten years. A research conducted by GE Energy Applications & Systems Engineering revealed that 24% of the electricity can be taken from the power of wind.

Although there are not enough wind farms at the moment, an important amount of $19 billion to $25 billion must be spent to upgrade the system. The idea is not to be omitted.

The agency must be prepared to face a possible demand for increasing the consumption of such alternative energy and think ahead in order to meet the policymakers’ requirements. During a two-year study, the wind potential was measured and the future need for mass implementing of such a source was determined.

The study identified the best areas in the state of New England that can bring significant benefits to the electricity industry, also offering solutions to increase the region turbines’ power in order to face such consumption figures.

The GE recommendation was to continue this important survey and at the same time to find cheaper ways to upgrade and sustain the generator systems. Wind power is a resource that can be an important alternative in the mixed power consumption of the state.

Spokeswoman Ellen Foley emphasized the fact that this is also a subject of public policy, while GE has to be prepared to offer the best solution for an renewable energy goal (hydro power, wind, solar).

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