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Solar-Powered Charging Stations Provided by Honda During EV Tests


The Japanese group Honda announced a new domain of interest for its customers: the vehicle charging stations that will be part of the company’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions.

Thus, Honda’s electric vehicles (EVs) including the Fit and the Accord, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, (PHEVs), the new EV-neo electric scooter and the Monpal ML200 4-wheel electric scooter, are to be tested for this new market. We’ve actually talked about their car testing plans yesterday.

Honda’s modern electric cars can be driven for 160 km before it needs to be recharged; this means less than six hours to charge using a 200-volt power source.

Recharging, however, raises a problem. For some it may be simple to charge an electric car in their garage, but this method is not handy for everyone, just like refueling in the middle of a trip might be difficult. By building charging stations that offer faster charging at higher voltages, drivers might gain full advantage of their cars.

Cars will have a greater autonomy and customers will therefore reduce their gasoline usage. Along with this new opportunity, Honda will also test a communication system that allows drivers to search for the charging stations.

The system will tell the driver how full the battery is and will display a map of all the alternative stations to “fuel” by using either a smartphone or the built-in car navigation program.

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