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Wind Turbines Could Help Plants Grow Better, Researchers Claim


The Ames National Laboratory and the University of Colorado have compiled a new research, with suggestive evidence that wind turbines sited on farmlands may actually help certain crops thrive even when weather conditions are less than ideal.

Although further studies are yet to be conducted, this one marks a real turn in our approach to energy production, changing the usage of wind turbines towards an activity that can protect and develop the surrounding environment.

Nowadays, hundreds of mountains in Appalachia are still being blown up for coal, water supplies are being poisoned for natural gas, while it becomes more and more certain this kind of activity is not sustainable in the long run.

The wind turbines can create a kind of microclimate by channeling air over the ground, and the result is a cooler, dryer air that could help avoid fungal infestations, or help make more carbon dioxide available for photosynthesis.

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