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New Texas Toyota Headquarters Going Green


ToyotaCampusToyota’s headquarters is moving to Texas­ and making a shift towards environmental practices.

Toyota consulted the Texas energy management and consulting services firm, Priority Power Management (PPM), to design a plan for a headquarters based on renewable power.

The Plano headquarters campus will be ‘going green’ with LED lights, solar panels, building shells designed to reduce energy consumption, and rooftops along with plants that can manage rainwater and reduce heat.

Toyota and PPM designed a 5 year electricity contract that will enable Toyota to increase energy consumption over time by operation strategies. PPM suggested the renewable energy provider MP2 Energy, which currently provides 1,100 MW of electricity capacity to Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, to be used for the Toyota headquarters energy supply.

The contract also allows for the installation of a 7.75 MW solar photovoltaic system by SunPower Corporation. The system will provide up to 25 percent of the power required to run the headquarters campus, as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 7122 metric tons.

Toyota can sell excess energy to MP2 that’s channeled into the energy grid. PPM selected the MP2 company because of its background in plant development, plant management, demand response, electric supply, solar retail products, wind and distributed generation, and more.

The MP2 characteristics make it a fit for PPM’s assessment of the energy Toyota will use for its offices, data center, and light industrial facilities. This means Toyota will be able to provide energy through on and off-site renewable electric supply, alternative fuel supply, and standard electric supply.

The General Manager of Environmental Toyota Motor North America Kevin Butt commented, “Toyota has challenged ourselves to create a net positive impact on the planet by 2050, and these campus programs are one step in a series of global efforts to achieve this goal.”


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