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Next Ferrari Enzo Supercar is a Hybrid


Ferrari F150 Hybrid Power-TrainCan a hybrid car be fun? Can a hybrid car be fast? Ferrari says “Yes!” with their latest toy, the replacement for the Ferrari Enzo, currently code-named the F150. The F150, though, isn’t a hybrid showpiece, but a very well-endowed, race-inspired, machine. Ferrari engineers have taken everything they know about Formula One [F1] racing and packed it all into a road-ready and road-legal machine.

The new F150 is powered by a more powerful version of the 731 hp V12 found in the Ferrari F12, probably more than 750 hp, and will be aided by a hybrid-drive 100 hp electric motor with lithium-ion battery packs.

Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa says that the addition of the electric drive system will give the F150 a “performance boost, knocking 10 per cent off the car’s 0-125mph sprint time.” Additionally, the electric motor plays a big part in the torque vectoring system, which helps improve acceleration control through turns.

Ferrari engineers also used a carbon-fiber monocoque, which, at only 155 pounds, is 20% lighter than the current Enzo, further weight-reduction steps include putting most of the controls on the steering wheel, just like F1 racers, which takes out an additional 200 pounds.

With weight loss engineering and active aerodynamic technology, coupled with the new hybrid-drive system, Felisa claims the new Ferrari F150 emits up to 40% less carbon-dioxide than the previous version. Pretty impressive for an 800+ hp supercar.

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