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Nigerian Student Turns VW Beetle Into Fully Electric Four-Wheeler


wind-solar-powered-car-by-Segun-Oyeyiola-11Yes, we talk about climate change, the devastating impact it has on our environment and us, and we criticize governments, scientists and energy companies for not acting as fast as needed. But what do we, as individuals, do about it? Do we all cycle to work? Or recycle garbage?

Or have an EV, or an energy efficient house, or at least have made the tiniest effort to cut down our carbon footprint?  The reality is quite harsh, and it is probably needless to give more details here. But while we try to find excuses for ourselves, a Nigerian Student rolled up his sleeves and turned a VW Beetle into a wind- and solar-powered vehicle. It seems it is possible after all.

The hero of the week is Segun Oyeyiola, a student at the Obagemi Awolowo University. OK, it did cost him a bit of money, or $6,000 to be exact, in order to make the diesel vehicle entirely green, but the majority of the parts that he used were donated to him by close acquaintances and family. The biggest thing that he actually needed was dedication and desire to make a change.

Now, the specifications of the great e-vehicle. It is fitted with a solar panel that covers the roof of the car, it has a lithium-ion battery that charges for up to five hours, and although it is not the most fancy four-wheeler that you have seen, it is a perfectly functional prototype.

The best part is that the future engineering guru of Nigeria is not planning to stop here. He is already working on improving the design with an aim to turn it into a marketable product. As he says, climate change is the new reality, and we should all accept it and make a contribution to protecting the resources we have as much as possible.

Image (c) OAU Peeps

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