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Nissan Planning to Migrate Electric Car Technology from LEAF to 370z or Essence Coupe

The electric version will come without the tailpipes

Edmunds’ Inside Line reports sources at Nissan say that the company will make a sports car based on the future LEAF, which hasn’t even made its debut on the market.

Still, the Nissan LEAF has orders far exceeding anyone’s expectations, and provided with the fact that Nissan said they would make a hybrid Infiniti should also naturally lead to a sports version of the Leaf.

Further details have not been unveiled, but they will probably stick to the cheap way and convert some of their best-selling sports cars: the 370Z or the Essence Coupe.

Initially designed for useful stuff like getting your kids to school, you to work and vice-versa, electric cars seem to be attracted from the beginning by the sports zone, because of the electric motors’ high and instant torque.

This is good, because extreme engineering has always led the progress of technology for the average car. Tesla, for example, is following this pattern by building their Model S.

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