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Nissan and Eaton Have Great Plans for Used EV Batteries!


Batteries from vehicles like the Nissan Leaf will be re-used.Nissan and Eaton, an energy management company, have announced a new partnership. Eaton provides solutions in electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power, with a focus on efficiency, safety and sustainability.

The purpose of the two firms working together is to create second-life electric vehicle energy solutions. In layman’s terms — recycling power supplies from electric vehicles to reduce waste.

It has been reported that the first project will revolve around Nissan Leaf battery recycling. It will combine the lithium-ion batteries with Eaton’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and solar photovoltaic (PV) technology to create an energy storage and control package. This would help customers manage energy use and supply, whether they are on or off the electric grid.

Using this solution would offer another method of using clean energy, furthering the adoption of renewable resources while increasing the stability and efficiency of the grid. IT would also reduce reliance on fuels that are used to compensate for businesses in unideal grid situations.

Nissan Global’s Electric Vehicle Director, Robert Lujan, stated: “In order to bring a commercially viable solution to the market, it requires not only the battery expertise of Nissan, but also the experience in power management, control and integration that Eaton offers. This partnership is the first step in delivering a real world system for our customers in the near future.”

Furthermore, “Having produced our own batteries, at our leading manufacturing sites worldwide, for many years; we will now be able to expand the life of our automotive batteries therefore reducing the need to use additional resources from the planet to produce new batteries.”

Cyrille Brisson, Vice President of Marketing, Eaton Electrical EMEA, added,“These systems will really facilitate the wider adoption and deployment of renewable generation; giving people greater control over their energy supply and consumption.

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