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Nissan Leaf Autonomous Drive Successfully Navigates Public Highways in Japan

Nissan Autonomous Drive Successfully Navigates Japanese Highways
Nissan Autonomous Drive Successfully Navigates Japanese Highways

As more companies are pursuing autonomous drive vehicles, successes of mainstream companies, such as Nissan Motor Corporation, show that the technology has promise.

Depending on who you ask, there seem to be a couple of different camps regarding vehicles with autonomous drive technology. If, or when, autonomous drive becomes standard equipment, drivers, that is, those who love to drive, will most likely keep their vehicles in manual mode all the time. On the other hand, those who have long, boring commutes, or a long drive to a vacation spot, might appreciate not having to be so alert on the road. Of course, the implications of such technology are not entirely known.

Still, the success of autonomous drive technology is encouraging, such as recent work completed by Nissan Motor Corporation. A Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, equipped with autonomous drive technology, was recently awarded the first tags to allow it to run Japan’s highways. Of course, they were vanity plates, 20-20 for the year 2020, by which time Nissan wants to have a full autonomous drive system available to the general public. In a recent video released by Nissan, engineers tout the successes, benefits, and future developments of Nissan Autonomous Drive technology…

Autonomous drive technology, according to some, might improve highway safety by taking driving out of the hands of the inexperienced, overtired, or the uninterested. On the other hand, might this raise a whole new question of legality and liability in the case of accidents? We’re already used to suing automakers for things such as unintended acceleration, when the fault is clearly human and not technical. What’s going to happen when cars drive, and get into accidents, on their own?

Image © Nissan

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