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2014 Honda Accord PHEV Has Impressive Real World Fuel Economy Statistics…


…except that you need to learn how to drive. Some people get into a new vehicle, and the first thing they complain about is that they don’t get the fuel economy that’s on the EPA sticker. The new 2014 Honda Accord PHEV is no different.

There are two problems comparing sticker and real-world fuel economy numbers. First, the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] is still working on getting their estimates closer to the real deal. Part of their problem is that they take data from the automakers, some of whom fudge the numbers a little bit to make their vehicle appear better in the listings. Even a 1mpg difference in this number can make a big difference when you look at the listing of vehicles by fuel economy. Who wants to be stuck in with a mass of subcompacts when your sedan can outperform them all with a twitchy typing finger?

The second problem is that, for the most part, drivers have no idea what they’re doing. Sad, but true, perhaps they don’t properly maintain their vehicles, they overload them, or they drive too fast. You might have bought the latest and best-fuel-economy vehicle, such as the award-winning 2014 Honda Accord PHEV, but if you can’t drive it responsibly, you’ll never see fuel economy numbers anywhere near those on the EPA window sticker.

In the forums on CleanMPG.com, user xcel posted a graph of his 2014 Honda Accord PHEV’s fuel economy compared to vehicle speed. The EPA sticker rates the Accord PHEV at up to 50mpg city and 45mpg highway, so what happens when you put one of these babies on the road? Wayne posted his results, and the implications are stunning. Basically, if you want good fuel economy, slow down!

2014 Honda Accord PHEV Fuel Economy vs Speed
2014 Honda Accord PHEV Fuel Economy vs Speed

Image © CleanMPG

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