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Nissan Leaf: Europe’s #1 Green Taxi


Nissan EuropeAll of Europe is choosing to follow suite after Amsterdam total electric taxi service which was instituted in 2011. With a total of over 550 electric vehicles hitting the streets of Europe, there shouldn’t be a long wait when leaving the Pub.

The savings on maintenance and fuel costs are a couple of driving factors; the noiseless ride might just be another factor that customers enjoy. CEO of Green Light Taxi Kft., Örs Lévay said, “…the Nissan Leaf is very smooth and almost silent, which means a more enjoyable journey for my customers and the drivers say typical 10 hour shifts are less tiresome.” This taxi company in Budapest, Hungary has also installed 7 vehicle chargers after signing on a new fleet of 65 LEAF taxis.

At this point, the vehicles are only needing one charge per shift. The truth is, because a taxi’s normal shift during the day are small trips to and fro, the electric car makes a perfect vehicle. They do have the highest mileage, but on suburban streets at lower speeds with many stops. With many taxis picking up and dropping off riders, electric vehicles are a tremendous asset, cutting down on vehicle emissions.

Deliveries of more than 100 electric vehicles have hit taxi companies across Europe. These vehicles include the Nissan e-NV200 with 194 to the Netherlands, 134 to the UK, 74 to Astonia, 68 to Hungary, and 30 to Germany.

Nissan points out, “In Astonia, it’s been reported that a Nissan Leaf owned by a taxi company, Elektritasko has clocked up over 218,000 kilometers on its original battery pack, showcasing the high quality and reliability of Nissan’s electric vehicle range.”

The US is hopefully not far behind these European countries that are truly leading on the electric vehicle front. Here is where Americans can stand up and say that they are concerned enough to follow suit and create fleets of EV’s in busy taxi-filled cities. We can help reduce emissions one taxi at a time.

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