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World’s First Wind Turbine Theme Park is Dutch


Wind parkTheme parks can be fun for children. Shouldn’t there be a theme park that adults can feel good about? Qurrent, the Dutch renewable energy company just revealed plans to turn a previous wind farm into a sustainable theme park.

In collaboration with Jora Entertainment, the two are creating this 8,000 square meter theme park that will be run completely by wind.

This theme park is being developed by Qurrent as a dedication to the “celebration of environmental contribution”. The company will showcase some of the work that they have done with sustainable practices. Some of the featured rides will include Beaufort Buster, a waterslide with a spiral slide wrapping around a wind-turbine. Another great idea is the Blade Runner: a ride ON a turbine blade. Can you imagine spinning around on a windmill blade? This is roughly the same idea. The different that we have with the idea from Qurrent is the speed. This company will produce a ride that speeds around at a “shockingly” rapid rate.

The “Newton Nightmare” is a drop tower that will descend 95 meters in 1.5 seconds flat. Whether young or old, this speed will knock your socks right off. Probably a great idea to wear tennies with laces on that day. The roller coaster will always be the great standby, and luckily, Qurrent is providing Happy Hurricane Roller coaster.

Not only is this park a testament to the value of wind power, but, the eateries within the park will be solar powered. Yet another reason to feel great about eating fair fare. Richard Klatten, CEO of Qurrent said, “Within 10 years, wind power will be ubiquitous, we strive to stay ahead of things, and shape the future of renewable energy.

Creating an environment where people can experience clean energy in a fun and educational way could be one of those. And – hey, how neat would it be to tell your friends you took a ride on an actual wind turbine?

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