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Nissan Leaf Finally Available in All U.S. Markets


After you’ll have read about this, there’ll be no more excuses for not buying an electric car: the 2012 Nissan LEAF is now almost on your porch. The first electric car in the world to surge on the market and remain this way, the LEAF has gone nationwide, reinforcing its presence in 21 new states across the US.

The thing is no other EV can say that about itself. According to Brian Carolin, senior vice president, Sales & Marketing, Nissan North America Inc., the fact that there is such a demand, both in the US and worldwide, is a clear proof that the car is good enough for what drivers need.

The fact that is has no emissions whatsoever and runs solely on electricity doesn’t seem to come between them and their experience as everyday drivers.

So, if you’re living in any of these states (go to nissanusa.com), then check out your inbox for the email from Nissan welcoming you on board, to start the ordering process. By summer, you’ll be cruising along the streets in your brand new LEAF (if you pay for it)!

[via PR NewsWire]

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