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Ford Focus Electric Termed the Most Energy Efficient EV in U.S.


Want to go electric but don’t know how? There are, of course, several options, but we only want what is best for you: so here’s the 2012 Ford Focus Electric. And it’s not only us who feel this way, it’s actually the EPA (well, a bit improper said “feel”) who guarantees its value as the most fuel-efficient 5-passenger car in the US these days.

That is no small achievement. The one big advantage all these EVs present is the fact that by being fuel-free, they save you money. And we’re talking about a lot of money, especially since gas prices can’t seem to stop rising. So, although we can’t put an exact label on your savings, we can only say that they will get bigger and bigger.

Also, to tackle the one big fear people have about the range of EVs, the Ford Focus is again at the top of the game: it’s able to drive 76 miles on a single charge, up to 100 even if the driver is careful. Taking into consideration the fact that the average American drives about 29 miles in a day, this car’s range is more than enough: recharge by night and drive by day!

The second best in its category is the Nissan Leaf, but the Focus outsmarts it in charging time and performance metrics: it recharges in half the time the Leaf does, while also having a 105 MPGe – 6 times better than Leaf’s 99 MPGe, not to mention the motor power, passenger room and standard features.

If you want to wait until next year, it only gets better: the Focus line will be followed by the new 2013 Ford Fusion, which is hoped to become the country’s most fuel-efficient gas and hybrid-powered midsize sedan. According to Eric Kuehn, chief nameplate engineer at Focus Electric, the motto guiding this line is energy efficiency.

[via Media.Ford]

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