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Nissan Planning to Install Their New EV Rapid Charger Every 80km Around Japan


In a world where science and technology are advancing rapidly, we can see how big companies are struggling every day to achieve leadership in their field. If we talk about electric vehicles, we must mention Nissan, who recently launched a rapid charger for EVs. To overcome competing companies, Nissan says the price of this EV charger will be 50% lower than any other similar charger. But when someone wants to sell their work at an unreasonably low price, we need to ensure that the product quality is as they claim it to be.

In order to promote the newly-developed rapid charger, Nissan has planned installing it in 200 stores throughout Japan. To avoid those situations when the batteries die when you least expect them to, Nissan has developed a network of similar charging stations. So, with 200 stations across Japan and with a 40km-radius circle around each charger, you can not remain without batteries.

“When a 40km-radius circle is drawn around each store, almost all the areas in Japan will be covered by the circles. The Leaf electric vehicle runs about 160km per charge. So, for practical purposes, it might be enough to place chargers in every 80km. However, to eliminate users’ concern, the more the better. We believe that the 40km interval does not make users anxious,” a Nissan official said.

Because the standards of a fast charger had to be respected (as was established at the CHAdeMO Council), Nissan’s new charger was designed to work at a maximum current of 125A, a voltage of 500V and its maximum output reaches 50kW. Along with this product, Nissan will also launch an installation service, so any customer can recharge their Leaf EV at home.

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