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Morocco Planning to Harvest 2 GW of Solar Power by 2020


More and more governments show high interest in investing in clean energy sources. With 3,000 hours of sun per year, Morocco is now planning to invest in the harvesting of solar power.

A $9 billion investment will guarantee Morocco 2 Gigawatts of energy which is enough to supply the modest needs of about 32 million people. The 2 Gigawatts will be harvested in 5 solar power plants which will be covering 40% of the needed energy by 2020. The first plant will be up and running by 2015 and will immediately save money while also decreasing the dependence on foreign fossil fuel imports.

Morocco’s Finance Minister Salaheddine Mezouar says that the project will not only deliver a message about the need to protect the environment but will as well contribute on reducing the CO2 emissions. Morocco is determined to work harder on environmental projects in the near future.

The government already partnered with the World Bank, the European Commission and Desertec to make the solar dream come true.

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