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Nissan Quits Hybrid & Hydrogen Cars: Pursues Battery Powered



Though some say electric cars will keep away from our daily usage for the next couple of decades, Nissan people have decided they will not pursue the same trend with the majority, and will switch from hydrogen or hybrid cars to purely electric ones (battery powered).

Moreover, they will have 1/3 of their production cars turned to electric within the next ten years, having already three electric models prepared to launch in 2011, including the van presented above.

London will be the first to benefit from this decision, as Nissan has made team with greentomatocars (a car hiring service) to provide the city with charging stations and all-electric taxis. Currently, greentomatocars offer Priuses for rent, but they will switch to Nissan’s electric cars once they will become available.

It is interesting to know what battery technology Nissan will be using in their vehicles, as well as their range and power. Nice move, Nissan!

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