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Breakthrough Carbon Capture Using Ionic Liquids


fossil-fuel-power-plants1ION Engineering, a boulder base clean tech firm, has developed the most economical way to remove CO2 emissions and other contaminants from fossil fuel power plant emissions and raw natural gas.

Founded by scientists from the University of Colorado, ION Engineering has brought in sight a new technology that uses ionic liquidsnonvolatile molten salts – to capture carbon emissions.

The process consists in making some gases like CO2, N2 and CH4 soluble in imidazolium-based ionic liquid. Imidazolium-based salt is a nonvolatile ionic liquid and has been the center of this research. Ionic liquid can be used as well as a highly permeable and selective transport medium in supported ionic liquid membranes.

ionic-liquidsThe scientific breakthrough discovered by Colorado University will used to capture coal-fired plant emissions and to increase natural gas “sweetening” processes said ION Engineering CEO Alfred “Buz” Brown, PhD. This will be the most important and immediate market application. “Sour” gas is the raw natural gas containing CO2, H2S and other contaminants. In order to improve it’s qualities, to make it safe for use and reduce corrosion the natural must be “sweeten“.

The new technology, with appreciated increase of efficiency, replaces the current water-based amine technology which is used in 95% of U.S. natural gas sweetening operations.

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  1. I am quite interested with the new technology, as I am now working on flourinated and other ionic liquids I feel happy.
    More grease to your elbow.



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