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New York's First EV Charging Station by Beautiful Earth Group


Lately the automotive industry has directed its attention to the electric vehicle market and to the green energy usage. But if the electric energy that will power the EV is obtained from fossil fuels then the EV won’t be green anymore.

Because of that particular reason several solar-powered charging stations were developed lately to help EVs use alternative energy.

Solar-powered charging stations have already been implemented in Dell headquarters in Texas. Chicago got their first unit in April, New York got theirs from the Beautiful Earth Group. And the list will increase in the near future. This will mean that EV production will increase very fast in the next few months and years.

Besides using photovoltaic panels, the charging stations are built from “recycled, decommissioned steel shipping containers.”

Beautiful Earth’s charging station has a capacity of about 6 kilowatts which is about the power a small house will need. The station is able to provide energy 24 hours a day thanks to an integrated battery.

“It never ceases to amaze me, when I get behind the wheel of this 95 mph sports car, that it doesn’t use a single drop of gasoline, and that all of its power comes from the solar energy we collect right here on the Brooklyn waterfront” said Lex Heslin, Beautiful Earth’s president and chief executive.

Up to now, 14 of the world’s largest cities committed to using EVs. For example, London will install 25,000 charging stations by 2015. But let’s just hope most of them will be green.

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