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Evatran's Wireless EV Charger: Lower Efficiency for Sake of Comfort?


For the electric cars revolution to succeed, there has to be a plan of getting all the EVs juiced up in a short time at a minimal price. For the beginning, electricity providers have implemented the simplest solution possible to charge a car’s battery: through a cable.

Some have went farther, though. They thought that inventing a wireless charging system would be good for the consumer, making the entire recharging process become simpler and more accessible. And, of course, more compatible.

Evatran, an EV charging company, announced that they have a deal with product design company Synchroness to mass-produce Plugless Power, a hands-free proximity charging system for electric vehicles.

So basically you’d only have to move your car close to the charging point and wait for it to charge. Of course, you would have an ID and pay.

There’s only one issue with this nearly perfect plan for recharging: knowing that the efficiency of wireless power transmission is pretty low for the moment (60 to 80 percent), wouldn’t the user pay more for the energy he gets? Furthermore, wouldn’t this be a waste for the dear of comfort?

Unless the wireless system would also be equipped with a cable, or the contact points would be only 1 or 2 inches apart, so the losses to be minimal. Or, unless Synchoness invents something spectacular that would rock everything we know about wireless power transmission.

[via GoodCleanTech]

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  1. having wireless charging is not just about comfort it is also about the safety of your car. while plug based charging is more efficient it would also be more prone to vandals. vandals could simply unplug your car or do even worst with the cars power port exposed. while they might make slightly tamper proof cords vandals will find a way. this system while not as efficient would be ideal in public places. corded options could be used at home and eventually a power station where you can watch your car.


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