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Nissan to Develop Under-Ten-Minutes Quick Charger for EVs


Would you buy an electric car that charges in 30 minutes? If not, how about one that charges in under 10 minutes… say three? Well, 10 years from now you’ll be able to do just that, thanks to Nissan’s new charger project.

After unveiling the newest charger, which will be able to fill an EV’s battery up to 80 percent in 30 minutes starting 2016, Nissan engineers working with Japan’s Kansai University, have invented a new capacitor electrode that can store more energy and charge/discharge more quickly.

The two entities claim that they’ll need another ten years to fully complete the project (don’t fully understand why). Meanwhile, the grid infrastructure can evolve from today’s limited capacity to the one needed to bear that high power demand.

Last June we’ve been presenting JFE Engineering’s ultra-quick charger boasting a three-minute charging time. You can check it out.

[via cleantechnica/cnet]

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