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NLiteN 2D-Lite Will be Cheapest LED Bulb at $3, Cheaper than CFLs

NLiteN 2D-Lite LED Bulb Could be $3ea by 2017
NLiteN 2D-Lite LED Bulb Could be $3ea by 2017

Thanks to its simplistic design, the NLiteN 2D-Lite could be the cheapest LED bulb replacement on the market, even cheaper than CFLs!

LED bulbs are exceptionally efficient at lighting our homes. For example, the standard 100W incandescent bulb draws, well, 100W. Using the brightness, around 1,600 lumens, of the 100W incandescent as a standard, we can judge the efficiency of other bulb types, such as a 23W CFL or a 12W LED. The 23W CFL I found at The Home Depot would be 77% more efficient, and the NanoLight, on Kickstarter, is rated at 12W, or 88% more efficient, while still being able to put out around 1,600 lumens.

Lifespan is another factor that LEDs have over CFLs, and put to shame the incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs have a lifespan around 1,000 hours, and CFLs around 10,000hrs. LED bulbs have a rating around 30,000hrs, or thirty-years of typical use.

One of the problems with LED bulbs is their cost. Do a quick search online for LED [Light-Emitting Diode] Light Bulb and you’ll get an assortment of bulbs that range in price from as low as $6ea to as high as $70ea, not counting those that aren’t commercially available yet. LED bulbs are at the forefront of efficient lighting technology, using far less energy to light up the same area as conventional incandescent bulbs or even compact fluorescent lamps [CFL].

NLiteN 2D-Lite, in the next few years, could be the cheapest LED bulb available at around $3ea. The bulb has a similar profile to an incandescent bulb, but is flat, hence the 2D moniker. The 2D-Lite uses just two LEDs, one on each side of the reflecting disk, but that isn’t the reason that it’s so inexpensive. Inventor Andy Turudic says fewer LEDs isn’t the only reason for the planned low price: “It’s just a circuit board. We use automation and surface mount components – same technology that cranks out hundreds of millions of smartphones. No hand soldering, no die casting of aluminum. In fact there is no screw cap to solder on either. Just surface mount components, even the lenses run on the surface mount line.”

Could the NLiteN 2D-Lite be the LED bulb we need to make the switch to more-efficient lighting in our homes? At $3ea, the 2D-Lite is cheaper than even CFLs and twice as efficient!

Image © NLiteN

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