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Norwegian Army Embraces ‘Meatless Mondays’


Meatless MondayNorway’s military just announced plans to introduce ‘Meatless Mondays’ into army diets in a bid to battle a formidable enemy – climate change.

Troops will embrace a strict vegetarian diet once a week to decrease the amount of ecologically unfriendly foods they eat, whose production can contribute heavily to global warming.

The initiative was not designed around saving money but is instead about caring for the Earth, being more ecologically friendly, and eating healthier.

The new dietary regime was tested at some of Norway’s larger bases and military leaders now plan to roll it out across all units, including those deployed overseas.

The Future in Our Hands (FOH), a Norwegian organization that aims to reduce the consumption of natural resources by society, has publicly applauded the Norwegian military 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions to livestock farming. According to FOH, an average Norwegian will eat more than 1,200 animals in their lifetime.

The military hopes to reduce its meat consumption by 150 tonnes per year.

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