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Nova Energy's New Streamlined Tuna-Shaped Turbines Shaped To Be More Efficient


Kiyomi Suzuki, president of the Hyogo Prefecture firm Nova Energy Co., has come up with a new interesting project for the Seto Inland Sea that aims to produce huge amount of electricity from the energy of water currents, using streamlined turbines whose design resembles the tuna shape.

The working principle of tidal power generation is the same as that of hydroelectric power generation. Countries like Britain and South Korea also have tidal power electricity generation projects but the problem is that the turbine propellers have been blocked or broken due to the frequent occurrences of debris such as driftwood and fishing nets.

Suzuki is convinced that the issue occurred because of the tubines’ fixed position. The new design will allow them to move freely and so debris will wash past the turbines. “There are many obstacles in the sea, but the correct design can effectively deal with them,” Suzuki said.

The turbines will be connected to electricity generators by a system of rotating axle joints. This way, they will be able to move on both their horizontal and vertical axes. According to Kiyomi Suzuki, the design is expected to have no negative impact on the marine ecosystem.

Nova Energy wants to start the construction of a 14-meter-long propeller turbine by the end of this year. The company also plans to build a power station in the open sea using these large-propeller turbines.

[Source: Yomiuri]

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