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Solar Container – A New Water Purification System Powered by Wind and Solar Energy


The Swiss manufacturer Trunz Water Systems and a California-based reverse osmosis company, Spectra Watermakers have developed a new eco-friendly water purifier designed for use in disaster stricken areas where conventional energy sources are unavailable or too expensive.

The new system, called the Solar Container, is capable of generating more than 8,000 gallons of potable water per day and is powered by renewable wind and solar energy.

According to the manufacturers, the new water purifier can provide farmers with desalinated water and help eliminate the spread of water transmitted diseases. Besides this, the device is able to produce enough electricity to power communication equipment.

Many disaster relief organizations claim that over the years there have been enough victims due to the lack of clean drinking water, especially in poor countries . The Solar Container is equipped with eight reverse osmosis membranes and a series of filters and so it can can utilize saltwater and effectively eliminate salts, viruses, large matter, dangerous chemicals and bacteria.

The device is designed to work in any environment and makes clean water available virtually anywhere. Because the Solar Container is powered by these two renewable sources, it no longer needs so much attention compared to other fuel-powered generators.

[Source: The Epoch Times]

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