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Electric Drive – Smart's New Electric Car Has Been Officially Unveiled


Smart has recently unveiled its new electric car that, according to the company, will come on the market by the end of October. For the beginning, only 250 units will be produced in the U.S. at Fairfield County.

Dubbed “Electric Drive”, the car is an all-electric version of the existing, super-compact Smart car. It looks exactly like the gasoline model but unlike it, the new electric car has a battery under the cargo space in the trunk and the engine was taken out of the front.

The car manufacturer claims the new electric vehicle has about 83 miles of autonomy, being able to be recharged from a 100-volt or 220-volt outlet. Fifty Electric Drive cars will be available for lease for $599 a month for up to four years in a section of the Interstate 95 corridor. The other 200 models will be available in Indianapolis, Tampa/Orlando, Portland, San Fransisco/San Jose and Oregon.

According to Jennifer Ferreira, director of northeast operations for Smart USA, the car is scheduled to be mass-released in 2012 and more than 2,000 cars will be available worldwide.

[Source: NewsTimes]

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