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Olafur Eliasson is Kickstarting an Attractive Solar Phone Charger


Little Sun Charge - Solar Phone ChargerOlafur Eliasson has designed a high-performance, portable solar phone charger-cum-light, which is very attractive – attractive in both design and affordability.

The solar-powered phone charger namely ‘Little Sun Charge’, designed by Eliasson along with engineer Frederik Ottesen, has, till now, raised more than €232,000 funding, which is 5 times the creator’s funding goal on Kickstarter, while there still is a week for the campaign to end.

Danish-Icelander Olafur Eliasson is an artist, who, with his diverse works, practices how art can be best used in our daily life. Eliasson says, “We all own the Sun together. And we can take a solar panel and we can charge. To feel that you have the resources to do something, this is what art is about too.”

Little sun charge deviceThe device uses a built-in LED and a set of high-efficiency solar cells. The creators claim that the device would full-charge a smart phone with only 5 hours of insolation, unlike regular solar chargers that need 8 to 20 hours for the same task. As the device interfaces using a standard USB port, it can charge any gadget with a compatible pin.

The designers state, in the Kickstarter page, that the handheld solar phone charger is ideal for off-grid hikers, freelancers and backpackers along with the people who live their lives in places without electricity. “What is so great about solar technology is that it takes the sun which is for all of us and makes it available to each of us, no matter where in the world we are, say the designers. The sun nourishes, it connects and empowers. Using sunlight, Little Sun Charge directly connects us with each other through our mobile phones.

The early-bird backers who pledge €55 ($62) or more (on Kickstarter) can be amongst the first to get the Little Sun Charge (by March 2016), which will be sold in retail market for €120 ($135). While very few of the Kickstarter rewards are left, there are some through which one can donate this solar phone charger to off-grid communities in Africa.

The Little Sun Charge is the sequel design to Little Sun solar-powered LED lamp, which was created to make sustainable light sources available to people who live without electricity, across the world. Let’s wish the designers to continue the Little Sun series of inventions.

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