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Sustainable Jewelry Made of Upcycled Weapons Supports Locals in Cambodia


b86e06e9ffab3566194a18aff6981d62_largeJewelry for girls is like pizza for guys. We all know nothing will happen if we don’t have it, yet we somehow cannot survive without it. Of course, there is always a way to turn an obsession into something good for the people and the environment. So here is the solution, for the guys- Skipchen, for the girls- sustainable jewelry made of recycled remains of weapons.

There is a mysterious uniqueness about handmade jewelry, especially when it is created out of natural products or recycled material. For starters, it is almost impossible, and in fact unnecessary, for the artist to create two identical pieces, which means that you would be an owner of something truly unique. But aside from that, if the little object of art that you pick as an accessory not only makes you look prettier, but it also contributes to improving the welfare of local communities, and to cleaner environment, then you are in for a real treat.

Such unique beauties are being created under the great Purple Buddha Project. Here, jewelry is made out of highly unusual materials, including remains of bombs, bullets, even airplane parts, all still found in the fields of Cambodia and Laos years after the military conflicts are over.  In order to ensure availability of the materials, the project donates money to local associations, which train and employ people.

Once the remains are collected and are no longer polluting the environment, local people are employed to make the jewelry, and then the profit is again reinvested.

Here is a link to the novel Kickstarter campaign, where you can purchase a piece of unique art and at the same time support the local production. This incredible project will only be funded if the guys manage to reach the amount they pledge for. With just over a month to go, they really do need your support. So, go ahead, be different, do something good, give a little token of appreciation to those, who try to make the world a better place.

Image (c) Purple Buddha Project

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