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Orison Home Battery Works with Any Power Source


Orison home batteryOrison home battery system takes up electricity from the grid during cheap off-peak hours and lets you use it when the demand (and price) is the highest.

For many, home energy storage is associated with storage of rooftop solar power. Yes, there is a huge demand for systems that do not let generated electricity go to waste. However, this is not the only way these can be used, and a small US based startup, called Orison, shows exactly that.

Orison home battery system provides the unique possibility to take up energy from the grid at night, when the demand is low and the power is cheap. This energy then can be stored, and made available to use during the day, saving you a great deal on your electricity bill. Of course, the system can also act as any other home energy storage (just like the Powerwall, and StorEdge), keeping your excess solar power safe until you need it. It simply works with any power source.

What makes Orison home battery system different (and arguably better) from the rest is that it does not require absolutely any installation- in fact, you just have to plug it. You do not need any special permits to use it, or qualified electricians to come and mount it for you.

Orison home battery 1There are two models of the Orison home battery system– one is a free-standing unit, the second is a flat unit, that can be mounted on the wall. Monitoring and control are done through a special smartphone app, which gives full power to the user to start the system regardless of whether he/she is next to the unit or not.

Both units come with an LED lamp. The free-standing unit also comes with a wireless phone charger and a Bluetooth speaker, while the wall-mounted one has different skins, which allow it to fit to any interior.

Currently the Orison home battery is storming through its Kickstarter campaign. With 40 days to go, the guys behind it have already doubled the amount they initially pledged for.

If you are intrigued by the offer, go ahead and get your Orison. For the early birds, Orison’s wall-mounted battery units come at $1,200 and the lucky first should receive them by August. For the rest, the base model comes at $1,400, an offer which is available only during the crowdfunding campaign. After that, the retail price would jump to $1,600. So, hurry up.

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