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StorEdge, Home Energy Storage That Works with Tesla’s PowerWall


vcsPRAsset_2857117_129508_f262d470-cec9-4f9d-9574-c0b7ccc6d800_0-1000x1000StorEdge is the latest home energy storage състем, which is now available to purchase around the world.

When Elon Musk revealed his Powerwall plans, we all new that the hype will hit the roof. But what we probably did not realize is that he managed to identify a huge gap in the market. He then offered a solution to meet the enormous, and ever-so-growing, demand for home energy storage, paving the way for even more successful home energy generation.

Since the Powerwall was shown to the world, many other companies realized that this is an untapped profit resource, and they too want a piece of the golden cake. Here, we have covered a few of these- including the home battery from Panasonic and the one from Mercedes-Benz.  Now it is time to introduce the new kid on the block.

Meet StorEdge, the home energy storage system from SolarEdge Technologies, which is now available to purchase on the international market. Since the end of last year, this home energy storage system has become available across Europe, the US, Australia and South Africa.

The smart thing that the guys behind StorEdge did, is to make it compatible with Tesla’s Powerwall. This means that you can buy one of these now, and when your turn comes to get your Powerwall (because everyone wants one!), you will not have to ditch the StorEdge and lose your money.

A bit more about the system. It has an inverter, which comes with the necessary hardware for automatic back up power. It is extremely easy and very safe to install thanks to its enhanced safety features, which eliminate high voltage during installation. It is easy to maintain with a remote access to the software operating the inverter. The monitoring of performance and status is also made easy through a built in monitoring system and an accompanying smart phone app.

StorEdge also has a special export limit feature, which maximizes self-consumption and optimizes Time-of-Use (TOU). This essentially encourages energy consumption during off-peak hours, and reduces electric bills. And of course, as it is an energy storage system, it comes with all its benefits- stores excess solar power during the day, and allows the owner to use it at night, on gloomy days or during power outages.

I will not go into more detail, the full list of the specifications can be found here. The important message is that with all these home energy storage technologies being now readily available, there is no excuse for people not to opt for renewable energy generation at home.

Image (c) SolarEdge Technologies

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