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745 Miles of Range for Tesla Cars by 2020, Says Elon Musk


2013-tesla-model-s-front-1In a recent interview with a Danish television station Elon Musk revealed that Tesla is working hard to increase the range of their electric vehicles. The current Model S distance record is 700 kilometers, and Musk believes they will reach 1,000 kilometers “within a year or two”.

Of course, 700 kilometers is practically impossible under normal driving conditions, but by 2017, even the average Tesla owner will be driving around 600 kilometers without stopping for fuel.

By 2020, Elon Musk expects that the Model S will have a range of 745 miles, or 1,200 kilometers. He indicates that by that time, many Autopilot features will be included in the cars as well.

He hopes to sell around 500,000 electric vehicles every year by 2020 as well, “if civilization still exists”, he says.

Hopefully, his hard work will pay off and it won’t take the loss of civilization itself for humanity to understand its impact on the world.

picture (c) MotorTrend

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