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What Refugee Crisis and Climate Change Have in Common


refugee-crisisElon Musk has been busy. He was recently interviewed for Danish television about the range of Model S batteries, and on Thursday of this week warned of the consequences of climate change while speaking at a business seminar in Berlin organized by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Musk drew attention to the refugee crisis in his speech, explaining that as climate change continues, it will have increasingly dire consequences for the world. “Today’s refugee problem is perhaps a small indication of what the future will be like if we do not take action with respect to climate change,” he explained.

Extreme weather events will happen more frequently as the greenhouse effect continues, and that will likely affect hundreds of millions of people, if not more, says the visionary Tesla CEO.

However, Elon is also hard at work to make an environmentally-friendly lifestyle easier to maintain in a world where daily concerns like paying the bills and buying food can compromise our best intentions.


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