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On Stolen Bikes and Gas

Me and my bike back in 2006, the day I bought it

I usually write on the green news that show up everyday, but today I’m gonna do things differently. Today, I’ll think about the importance of having a clean transportation means and how it could affect everybody’s life.

Well, someone stole my bike today. Yeah, my good old bike I had purchased six year ago and that I was proud of for so long. This is the second time it happens. The first time I accidentally found it while taking a walk in the park, when I saw this homeless teenager and chased him with the police. After all, he’d stolen my green ride!

While having your bike stolen is so (very) annoying, on the other hand I’m glad for that someone who took it. I’m glad that he’ll use it more than I did, and will be greener than I was while I had it.

Making an analogy, what if someone stole your car’s engine overnight, would you still invest in a new gas engine, or would you ride your bike? Going back to the roots of transportation is maybe the only way we will actually survive in the future. I know it sounds weird, but we sometimes have to act like we don’t have any of the things we once took for granted, like gas or gas-powered engines, and use the good-old bike once in a while.

You must be thinking I smoked pot or smth (which I didn’t), but this kick in the butt I received today opened my eyes towards the importance of going green… in a more mystical way. Yes, I’ll buy a new bike, and I’ll take better care of it so others wouldn’t take it away.

Today, I realized someone stole my only truly green vehicle… and that, above all, made me sad and enslaved me to the gas companies more than ever before. Go buy a bike and let that car sit in the garage, while you still can!

It’s free and healthy.

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