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One Man’s Tesla Model S and a Cooler of Food

Tesla Model S=Free Road Trips
Tesla Model S = Free Road Trips

Apparently, that’s all you need to get from Herkimer, New York, to Miami, Florida, and back. You’ll notice I didn’t mention gas money, which is exactly what you don’t need when driving around a Tesla Model S.

The average conventional vehicle, on the other hand, would cost a pretty penny. For example, calculating the trip from New York City, New York to Miami, Florida, in my 2005 Toyota RAV4 AWD would cost just shy of $900, round trip. Don’t forget to add in food breaks and rest stops, because this is a multi-day trip, so that’ll had a bit more to the price, depending on how lavish your breaks are. Still, we’re talking about $1,000 just to get there and back. Michael Fritts took his trip a little differently, starting with his Tesla Model S.

Of course, the owner of a Tesla Model S electric vehicle has full access to the growing network of Tesla Superchargers, which is free for life. This means that practically any trip in the United States, and parts of Canada, that you can think of, you could eventually get there completely free. That’s exactly what Fritts had in mind when he made his Herkimer-Miami-Herkimer trip, not spending a dime.

In addition to not worrying about gas stations, or even public-access electric vehicle charging stations, which would also cost money, Fritts also took a cooler of food with him, so he wouldn’t have to buy food on the way. The Tesla Model S round trip took just 58 hours and 15 minutes, which could be a world record solo drive in an electric vehicle. The best part is, it didn’t cost Fritts a penny!

Image © WKTV News

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