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Anti-Fracking Politician Called “Terrorist”


Anti-Fracking Dem Called a TerroristRep. Jared Polis (Democrat-Colorado) thinks local communities should be able to decide how fracking is regulated in their area – if it’s permitted at all. According to the chair of the Colorado Republican Committee, Ryan Call, this makes Jared Polis a terrorist.

Polis is among backers of an initiative proposed for November that would increase local control over oil and gas drilling. Rep. Call’s inflammatory remark took place on the infamous bully pulpit, Twitter, after a constituent commented about pulling the initiative.

Soon after declaring “We shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists,” Ryan Call, the Republican committee chair, deleted the offensive tweet, but not before thousands of concerned Twitter users took a screenshot.

State Republican Jerry Sonnenberg then took it upon himself to continue in the same vein, writing on Twitter, “Polis’ jihad against responsible energy development is reckless.”

Polis, a detractor of fracking who routinely brings to light simple facts such as fracking can decrease property value by up to 15% or potential health consequences, is now in the center of a huge debate about how far is too far to go in heated debates about fracking.  Regardless of your position, left or right of center, the ‘T-word’ has no place in fracking debate.

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