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Opel Euro One Electric Vehicle Can Travel 100 Kilometers for $1.41


Opel wants to become the main attraction at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show by revealing its new battery-powered EV.

The small two-seater, referred to by Opel as the “One Euro Car,” can travel 100 kilometers (62 miles) for only one euro ($1.41 U.S.). The electric vehicle is also capable of reaching a top speed of 75 mph and has a range of 60 miles.

According to the automaker, the “one euro” car has one-third the weight of a modern small vehicle. Opel also claims that the concept’s look is inspired by the Opel Ampera.

Euro One has production potential and is a perfect vehicle for younger customers. For the future, Opel plans to build a low-speed version for 16 year-olds, limited to a maximum speed of 28 mph (45 km/h).

More information about the One Euro Car are expected to appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show that will open its gates on the 15 and will last until the 25th of September.

[via Physorg/Autoblog]

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  1. Concepts like the Opel Euro One and the Peugeot VELV can hardly be called original. If you want to know
    more about ‘the original’ which probably inspired Peugeot, then check out newisetta.com – Not only better-looking, but also safer, more comfortable and more practical.

  2. Ya know I love hearing about new developments, and every time I hear about a new electric car project I get excited to see how it measures up. Price, speed, distance are the key factors. Lets face it putting a new skin on an electric golf cart is not coming up with something new. Charging 10 times what the golf cart costs isn’t going to help sell it either. You want cheap electric transportation? Look at China they are 10 years ahead of everybody else. Just do a Google serch for electric cars China and you will see what I mean. The point is I like to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. So if your gona make an apple and claim it’s an orange you better have some way to back it up.
    I like the electric concept I want one but I want the quickest charge time, the fasest speed possible and the longest range on the market. I need to at least go the maximum speed limit of my bypass to keep from getting run over by a big truck. (still not garanteed wont happen) I need at minimum a range that will get me from home to work with perhaps a stop at the grocery along the way. I need some thing thats user friendly. The final advancement that I would add to any electric car concept is the ability to convert it to a hybrid by adding a fossil fuel charging unit. Every one knows that a small diesel generator set added to the electric car concept (charging the batteries only) fixes most of the drawbacks. It’s not brain surgery people it’s just logic. So all the electric car makers who are just waking up and trying to catch up….take a hint and offer something better, than over priced golf cart. I understand you want to charge whatever the market will bear… thats how you play the game. However if you priced the product with profit below the current market then the market would have to play your game. Just My 2 cents.


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