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Electric Car Rally From Paris to Prague Proves EVs Can Go Long Distances


A convoy of 24 electric cars went from Paris to Prague in order to demonstrate that EVs can be sustainable, long distance capable travel means and that renewable energy can be used to power them.

The 3,000 km trip has to be done in 15 days and will end in Prague on September 25, the last day of the Frankfurt Auto Show, where the “heavy artillery” of the international car industry will attend.

The electric vehicles that have started to besiege Europe will travel 250 kilometers a day, in two stages. Between those stages, the batteries will be recharged.

20 teams from Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, UK, India, United States and United Arab Emirates have signed up to join the WAVE 2011 (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition) with their electric cars, vans, three-wheelers, motorbikes and e-bikes.

[via GreenReport]

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