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Oracle CEO to Create an Eco-Laboratory Island in Hawaii


A sustainable paradise is about to emerge on the Hawaiian island of Lanai, thanks to Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle. He is planning to invest $500 million in organic farms, solar power plants and electric cars, pleasing the 3,000 residents who are not aware of what is happening.

Ellison intends to power the electric utility with solar panels, while the water utility will use solar thermal systems to convert sea water into fresh water. He also plans to build organic farms where the produce will be exported to Japan and elsewhere.

He wants to fully support the local people and help them start their new business in this direction. The picture will be completed by adding electric cars to turning the island into a sustainable eco-laboratory.

Many people are a little skeptical about his idea, especially considering that the local community heard about these plans from the interview he gave for the national TV channel. It is very possible that Lanai’s residents are not willing to adjust to the new rules, and open discussion may be needed.

Nevertheless, thumbs up for Ellison, who is willing to invest $41 billion into greening up the island.

Via: Treehugger

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