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PackH2O Helps Millions Carry Clean Drinking Water Home


IMG_1939-scaledAny invention that could transform the world we live in into a greener and better place is already something worth applauding.  But when this same invention not only does this, but also directly influences quality of life of millions, especially in developing countries, there is no way it will not make the green headlines.

One such miracle product aims to aid these people, who not only have difficulties reaching a source of clean drinking water, but are then facing the possibility of contaminating it before it is transported to their home. Known as BackH2O, the backpack that can be sanitized by simply exposing it to the sun,  not only keeps the liquid gold clean, but also makes it much easier to carry.

The invention is a product of two years of very hard work and incredible dedication. The person behind it is David Fisher, CEO of the industrial packaging manufacturer Greif Inc. in Delaware, Ohio, who came up with the concept after spending just a few days in post-earthquake Haiti. Driven by the desire to help and make a difference, Fisher took on the hard task to help the locals transport fresh water, without polluting it by filling up containers that previously contained agricultural chemicals.

The very determined team of engineers at Greif Inc. was producing the BackH2O in no time. The pack is light in weight, it is made of woven polypropylene, it has a removable liner that can be easily sanitized and it can hold up to 20 liters of water. The company has already distributed more than 500,000 packs, and thanks to various non-profit organizations, funding is secured so that the big mission can continue and can reach millions in need. Each piece costs $10, and the company is happy to receive individual donations by everyone, who would like to join the cause. Visit the company site for more details.

Fisher’s mission is to make sure the packs reach every single one of the nearly 1 billion people, who live far from the sources of fresh water. He hopes that one day he would be able to introduce BackH2O onto the emerging markets, which should eventually reduce the cost and at the same time create job opportunities.

Image (c) Greif Inc.

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