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Pennsylvania To Have 66 New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


San Diego-based 350Green plans to build 66 electric-vehicle charging stations in Pennsylvania, mostly around  Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

As the company said, the $2.6 million project announced last week will be finished by the middle of 2012. It is also scaled to accommodate around 33,000 EVs.

According to Mariana Gerzanych, chief executive officer of 350Green, the presence of the new charging stations will encourage people to buy more electric cars. Currently there are not so many electric vehicles on Pennsylvania roads.

The 66 stations will be located in different places like: malls, government facilities or in the parking lots of grocery stores.

The company plans to build 22 fast-charging stations that will be able to charge a typical electric vehicle in less than 30 minutes and the next 44 stations capable of recharging the cars’ battery in about five hours.

The state Department of Environmental Protection has allocated around $480,000 for this project. 350Green, the developer of electric vehicle (EV) charging station networks, has been founded in 2008 and now it installs dozens of car-charging stations in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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