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400 kW Piezoelectric Energy Recovery System Under Israel's Highways


highway-piezoelectricWhen I was like 12, I did an interesting experiment: I connected a piezoelectric cigarette lighter to a halogen lamp based voltmeter measuring up to 3000V. The short spark easily raised the voltage above that figure. Of course, the current is very small, but the voltage is high – to the degree of about several tens of thousands volts.

The piezoelectric cigarette lighter has two crystals in it. Hitting them with a mechanical force exerted by your finger and accumulated by a small spring creates electricity by stretching and releasing the crystals.

This principle of creating electricity has been used in devices placed under the asphalt to convert its vibrations into electricity, in Israel, by which engineers hope to harvest the energy from passing vehicles.

Their energetic figures are impressing. The developer Haim Abramovich from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa) says the system can produce up to 400kW from a 1 km long stretched system, on a four-lane highway.

This system is basically recovering energy from the cars’ wheels, produced by their internal combustion engines, but that’s not the point. The main idea is that we can recover these small bits of energy and, if applied on a large scale, can energize many homes in the surrounding towns or villages.

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  1. Hi~,

    It is a very nice idea and design.
    Will it be possible for me to get more understanding of the system?
    Such as the storage system and the kind of Piezoelectric material had been used.

    Thank you,

  2. These systems and 17 further developed our company in the years 1992/93.
    If requested, we are also willing to send the necessary documents.

    Paul Link (Manager R&D)


  3. Hi, I really like the article.
    Piezo electirc materials are used as transducer that helps to exchange energies from different level.
    Daniel raised good question, it’s interesting to know that how much energy does 1 step produced?

  4. HI,
    my name is Martin and i live in Switzerland (but i have spanish blood), first at all i want to escuse myself for my bad English. . .

    I heard about this kind of (magnetic)Motors some years ago, but i had allways only some peaces of information. I was wondering why we do not hear nothing about this Media in our Newspapers. But today it dosn t surprises me much, cause i know how this game here on earth works. I also heard that it was inveted maby by N. Thesla
    who also invented the DC, however!

    i was surprised when i saw the first videos on Youtube, i couldn t beelive it!
    there are some Models which 300 HorsePower and more, also warking with Electric Magnetism. I want to keep my massage short:
    i need to get a motor of thoose. I also would do it by myself, but what i am doing now is getting informations do realize my personal dream – getting free energy (with no polushion).
    Can you help me somehow?
    by sending me some drawings, for example…
    an other question is: can i by this motor somewhere?

    txs for your help, looking forward to get news from you

    greatings Martin


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