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Pioneer's New EV Navigation System For Eco-Friendly Drivers


Electric vehicles (EVs) such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV have the possibility of being equipped with a vehicle navigation system that helps you drive efficiently.

Developed by Pioneer, the navigation head unit dubbed AVIC-ZH09-MEV has a fold-out seven inch touchscreen that gives information about where EVs can regenerate their batteries using onboard systems such as regenerative braking and information about the energy consumption needed for particular routes.

Besides this, the new GPS incorporates a database of charging stations that help users find the estimated costs of a trip. It also features a CD/DVD drive with AAC, MP3 and WMA support, a USB port, an SD card reader, 5.1-channel support, AM/FM radio tuner, a 50Wx4 amp, an auxiliary port and Bluetooth.

With the cost revolving around $3,000, the AVIC-ZH09-MEV will hit the Japanese market by the end of July. Pioneer hasn’t mentioned its intentions to export the device in other markets.

[via Greenlaunches/Electronista]

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