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Subaru's First-Ever Hybrid Vehicle To Debut In 2013


A few days ago, Subaru has officially confirmed it will launch a hybrid vehicle by the end of 2013. According to some reports, the new car will be packed with Toyota’s hybrid technology. Subaru hasn’t confirmed if the car will run on U.S. roads or not.

Subaru’s plan regarding the launch of an eco-friendly car is not new. About six years ago, the company had intended to launch a hybrid, but now it seems that we may see an even more advanced version on the roads in the following years.

Although the exact features and design of the Hybrid Tourer are still under a question mark, the company will more likely follow the Hybrid Tourer Concept, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009.

According to other sources, Subaru may incorporate features of both Legacy and Impreza. Both cars follow the hybrid technology of Toyota.

The upcoming Hybrid Tourer Concept will be equipped with two electric motors located on the front and rear axle. Subaru may also use the lithium ion capacitor technology in the new hybrid.

All of these are only speculations, though, and the only thing we know for sure is that Subaru will launch its first ever hybrid vehicle in 2013.

[via Ecofriend/Autoblog]

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