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New Plasma Treatment of Fruits and Vegetables Could Reduce Food Waste


A person in a developed country wasted around 100 kilos of food last year. It’s pathetic and now we have a new way to nanny people into continuing their disgusting behaviors by insulating them from actually caring about their buying habits.

There is an extremely intelligent doctor in Australia, and she has figured out how to make avocados last a lot longer than they would normally. While the idea has been banging around for a while, she has isolated a specific process that will help the population in the developed world to enjoy fruits and vegetables that won’t rot.

The process uses plasma to coat avocados, and apparently it kills off all the mold spores that create all those rotten fruits and veggies that we never see on the supermarket shelves.

In addition to being smart the Aussie doctor in question is quite an orator, she had this to say to the Australian Broadcasting Company, “Food wastage contributes to a lot of the food insecurity — a developed country such as the U.S. or Europe wastes around 100 kilograms (220 lbs) of food per person every year. If we could reduce food wastage by a quarter, we could feed 870 million people.”

Wow, so if we don’t waste huge piles of food, people wouldn’t starve in the street?

This lovely doctor who has a social consciousness that is so vital in these times added, “The technology is based on the most abundant form of matter in the universe – plasma. Plasma kills the moulds that grow on fruit and vegetables, making fresh produce healthier for consumption and increasing shelf-life.”

Food waste is a huge issue, and we work for nothing due to human laziness and total disregard for what is necessary for life. One doctor in Australia is doing what she can to make a difference, and I for one am impressed!

[via treehugger]

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