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Pointless Green: Koreans Developing Weird Pedal-Powered Aircraft



It’s been a while since I’ve laughed at something this funny and pointless on this blog. Well, it looks like the Koreans don’t (or do they?) have a practical sense when they invest $290,000 on a pedal-powered airplane.

The flying thing is rather a dangerous instrument for hobbyists to build, than an actually useful and reliable aircraft, with all its attempts to become green by flying through pedal power.

Other geeky scientists have also invented HPAs (human powered aircraft), and Korea is the 5th. The guys from MIT actually dropped the project since they found it useless.

The Koreans’ Sky Runner weighs 40kg and has a wingspan of 30 meters. Of course, the flight only takes about 150m or so, or until the pilot gets tired of pedaling. This is a crisis-like airplane, and in spite of its wanted economy, the initial investment far outweighs all the possible benefits.

The Koreans don’t want to give up, seeking for talented, strong-footed pilots, and further financing for their project.

I have two questions: what happens if the pilot has a cramp at “high” altitude? Oh, and another one: can you imagine these guys equipped with a machine gun, fighting against each other?

[via: ecofriend, of course]

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  1. I completely agree with Lemac. You people are so negative your walking backwards to christmas. If it was not done in America it never happened.
    Not every development has to be green. This was a development done by a university that used cutting edge developments in structural,aeronautical and materials engineering. It was used to enthuse the students in their joint disciplines and seems to have worked.
    At least they were bringing something to society instead of sitting on their lazy butts regurging stories that other people such as you have written.

  2. Green “OPTIMIST” my FOOT!

    Where do you get off on bad mouthing cutting edge technologies.
    The Wright Brothers would have loved your input in 1903 and I’m sure you and Paul Macready, the inventor of the first successful human powered aircraft would have hired you as PR rep in a minute.

    PS: AIM LOW !


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