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Porsche Working On Line Of Green Vehicles


PorscheThe Porsche 911 has provided drivers a balance between practicality and performance since 1963.

The future of automobiles is moving at a very rapid pace and automobile makers are working very hard to introduce hybrid and electric vehicles to their lines. Vehicles that the consumer are interested in, providing more options to choose from.

Porsche is no different when it comes to creating a line of vehicles that will be able to fulfill the needs of many consumers. The 911 is not the first green model that Porsche has developed. The Cayenne and Panamera models are both hybrid vehicles; the Cayenne is the first plug in SUV, introduced in 2015.

Porsche recently announced the newest vehicle to join the team and the rival to the Tesla model S: the Mission E Concept. The Mission E is an electric vehicle with 4 doors and a sense of style and speed. The engine will consist of two motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, that will put 600 horses under the hood and allow the vehicle to reach 62 mph in just under 3.5 seconds.

The vehicle can be charged to 80% of complete capacity within 15 minutes, which is even faster than vehicles using the DC charger. The vehicle can be charged using an inductive charging station beneath the vehicle, rather than being plugged into a traditional charger. The rapid charge is made possible by the 800 volt technology added by the designers. The copper cables have been made smaller, because Porsche realized that the cables could be thinner and still be sufficient for charging the vehicle.

Thomas Wasserbach, Porsche’s director of boxer engines says, “The challenge is to get low weight, not too much weight in a sports car. Naturally, we want high electric power but we don’t want much batteries because of the high weight. So at the moment we are thinking about what could be the next step to hybrid.”

Even though Porsche is working hard at creating new and exciting models that are still fun and exciting to drive, there are no current plans to create a fully electric 911. The Mission E is not in production yet, but these concepts prove that the manufacturer is interested in providing more choices in their line.

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