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Greenbuild Expo 2015 Reveals 8 New Innovations


green-innovationsThere is stiff competition for the best new item that will protect the earth, with the younger generation busy finding new and exciting ways to create clean green technology. Greenbuild’s expo has taken place every year since 2006 and stands strong with a desire to bring sustainable innovations to attendees.

Onyx Solar Panels – 
PV Glass

These solar panels are unlike others we have seen and with such versatility, they are truly a wonder! These tiles can be used as skylights, rain screens, photovoltaic floors, and even pavers used to create walkways. The glass can be made in a variety of colors, can be lit from below to create a stunning look and comes in a variety of opacities. There are varying degrees from 10 – 30 percent UV protection, depending upon the view and luminosity required.

GlasPro Bird Friendly Glass –

Bird Glass

Hundreds of thousands of birds die each year in the US alone due to glass injuries. Because typical glass is reflective, it mimics the environment in which the birds live and thrive. The new glass from GlasPro has a UV liquid coating that the birds can see, and unlike other glass products, there are no lines or scoring on the glass.

All Purpose Eco Friendly Coating – Military cover

Marine Armor Defense  (MAD systems) has created an IMO certified coating for creating acid resistant, flame resistant and waterproof surfaces. This coating comes in liquid form which can be painted or spray-painted onto the surface and dries at 1500-psi tensile strength that will endure a full frost and thaw.

The Rainwater Pillow –Rainwater pillow

This item, which was the 2014 winner of USGBC’s Best Product for Water Efficiency, captures water within the rectangular shape that is available for irrigation later. The water can also be run through a filtration system that will make it suitable for drinking.

SunPower Solar Panels –sunpower solar panels

A great drawback to making solar energy more available to the world is the hazards created out of the materials used to fashion solar panels. Silicon, for example, is harvested from the environment and refined at high temperatures. C2C-certified E-series and X-series panels are created with products that are safe for the environment. They are manufactured with renewable resources, and they are also recyclable.

The Net-Zero Unity Home –Net Zero Unity

This is a pre-fab home that is capable of being built to standing within 3 days. The Cel-Pak wall and roof panels are made of 85% recycled paper fiber and the windows are triple glazed PVC that are fully functional, and yet with the fresh air Comfo-System, it isn’t necessary to open them. “We can totally change the equation of homebuilding…” says Unity Homes Founder, Tedd Benson.

KOHLER Clarity –Kohler Clarity

This new water filtration system made by Kohler is a ceramic filtration system developed to bring clean water to underdeveloped countries. In collaboration with iDE, WorldVision and Water Mission, Kohler is able to clean 40 gallons of water per day with this system.

Net Zero Daylight Harvester –
 Daylight Harvester

Daylight harvesting is used to decrease the amount of electric lighting needed by offsetting it with natural light. The harvesting system developed by Net Zero allows natural light in during the day without heat gain from solar rays. The dome is fitted with LED’s that respond to daylight sensors and with an algorithm to calculate data based on location, this is a sweet piece of technology.

We are constantly looking for new and exciting ideas in the area of green technology, and thankfully Greenbuild does so much of the footwork for the consumer, making it easy for us to find the products to make our lives easier.

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