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Powering The Future: Discovery Channel's Newest Show on Alternative Energy Premiering June 17


Today I received an e-mail from David Tra on behalf of the Discovery Channel, advertising their latest show: Powering The Future. The four-hour special series will have its premiere this weekend. And it’s going to be hosted by a specialist in alternative energy: Dr. M. Sanjayan, lead scientist at The Nature Conservancy. The purpose is to identify how humanity could tap “a clean, limitless, secure energy supply and addressing how it could possibly be delivered.

We are the energy generation, but we as Americans do not fundamentally understand what energy is, where it comes from, how we use it and how much we need,” said Dr. Sanjayan. “POWERING THE FUTURE aims to help educate viewers and empower them to take action with their personal energy needs. Watch the show and you won’t throw a light switch, eat a hamburger, drive a car, fly a plane or look at the New York City skyline the same way again.

Host Dr. M.A. Sanjayan. Credit: Discovery Channel

POWERING THE FUTURE continues Discovery Communications’ long tradition of showcasing compelling and contemporary programming that both engages and informs on topics of critical importance to the world we live in,” said Carole Tomko, president and general manager of Discovery Studios. “We are excited to put the full resources of Discovery Studios behind Discovery Channel in its efforts to illuminate one of the most pressing issues of our time.

The first episode running on Saturday (The Energy Revolution) will discuss the reasons of shifting the main energy source, be them economical, for health, security or for our health. With so many emerging technologies and businesses in the alternative energy field struggling to get on the absolute top, it’s often hard to bet on anything. Powering The Future will try to get the most out of everything that exists as of today and give you an insight on what’s possible and what’s not in the quest to replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy.

Other episodes from Powering The Future will be: The Energy Planet (debuting Saturday, July 17, at 9PM), Striking a Balance (Sunday, July 18, at 8PM) and Leading the Charge (Sunday, July 18, at 9PM). Totaling four hours of predicting from how we will look at energy in 2050 and how many of us will still live, to how we should slash carbon dioxide emissions and help the energy economy shift its bases, the show is going to help a lot of people get on track with the basics of the energy resources that will sustain the humanity’s development.

I can hardly wait for you to share your opinion on the show after watching it, by commenting below.

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