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PowerMod – New Portable Solar Shelter Could Be the Solution for Disaster Relief


One of the latest disasters in Australia, that demands huge relief efforts and centers on the need for portable energy is flood. The collaboration between FTL Solar and Ascent Solar leads to a solution that consists of flexible panels offering clean solar energy and also forms a shelter.

Conventional fuel creates new hazards at the relief site as far as the leaks, storage and spillage are concerned, as well as the emissions and noise made by the generators. It also consumes a large quantity of resources out of the disaster relief efforts, since it must be bought and sent to where they need it , sometimes even under extreme conditions. The complications and extra costs can be put out by solar and other renewable energy sources.

There is a recent bare-bones solar shelter, called PowerMod, that consists of a 20i—20 foot flexible panel supported in the middle by a single pole It uses Ascent Solar’s thin-film solar cells integrated with lightweight fabrics.

It weighs only about 165 pounds and the output is no more than 4.5 kilowatt hours a day, which is perfect to power cell phones, lamps, laptops, batteries, refrigerators and other essentials. Therefore the PowerMod appears to be quite economical, useful and convenient.

David Titley, an American oceanographer, remarked in 2009 that climate change can generate an expansion in flood and drought events that can lead to a need for a large-scale humanitarian help and disaster relief striving. So, this seems to be another issue that we’ll have to face and discuss on our TV shows and in the newspapers.

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