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Pyramid Generator Runs 12W Fan


Austrian inventor Flavio Thomas (Trawoger) points out that the energy capturing circuits are positioned in the geometric center of the pyramid generator. The materials that the pyramid is made from are less important for it to function.

The fact that pyramids have peculiar features is well-known worldwide. We are all informed that the seeds found in the Egyptian pyramids were still germinable after thousands of years.

Thomas uses a stabilizing frame, a condenser plate and a magnet as a converter. When the magnet is taken out, the conversion stops, but can begin again in case the magnet is re-attached to the frame.

The electricity that the pyramid set-up produces helps Thomas run a small fan. It seems that the fan can work for more than 30 days, supplied with the pyramid’s energy. The fan runs on 12 volts and has a maximum absorption of 1.1 Amperes.

Moreover, the orientation of the pyramid plays a major part. The loss of energy production will be improved by a small change in the orientation of the pyramid (an exact north-south orientation causes daily fluctuations of 5 to 8% in the energy output).

There is also a similar, but at the same time a different kind of pyramid, which consists only of metal tubes. If you attach a magnet to it, it will measure 22 volts, 0.5 Amperes, but when it’s removed, the activity goes down to zero. Thomas states that the resonant circuits are put at the center of the pyramid, at 1/3 of its height.

The following video shows how Flavio Thomas’ contraption works (it’s in German):

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  1. Actually. Thomas Trawoger stated that he included the magnet to interfere with the production of energy within the pyramid as a safety measure or a security measure to those who would copy his design and charge a fee for it’s design rather than giving it away for free. For a short time he tried to get interested investors to promote the pyramid power design but they muffled him and he was unable to spread the invention that the Egyptians had inspired him to re-create. Apart from the inclusion of the magnet which is a red herring, you are spot on regarding every other aspect. If you think this is just someone’s ego talking, then download DropBox and send me your email and I’ll transmit the slice of video he mentions what I said. Apart from that, this is a freakin awesome web page, I’m going to save the link on my computer. It is blood brilliant and I really appreciate your effort and the work you put into it. There’s a lot of people promoting and working on cleaner energy ideas on YouTube and other places, so check Robert Murray Smith on the same platform. He’s a research scientist who has some really good ideas. Peace and blessings folks.

  2. That’s incredible that pyramids have such fascinating properties. It almost seems like magic, especially considering things like orienting the pyramid toward perfect north and south. This was a really fascinating article. Thanks for sharing.


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